Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) Discovery Channel. Taxi to the dark side movie. Ganre: Crime / War / Documentary. Director:Alex Gibney. Actors: Alex Gibney,Karyn Plonsky,Moazzam Begg,Christopher Beiring,Brian Cammack,Colin Powell,Tom Wilner,Doug Cassel,Jack Cloonan,Eric Lahammer,Anthony Morden,Condoleezza Rice,Tommy Franks,Carlotta Gall,Frank Gibney,Tim Golden,Gita Gutierrez,David Hayden,Donald O. Hebb,Scott Hennen,Jay Hood,Scott Horton,John Hutson,Maan Kaassamani,Anthony Lagouranis,Carl Levin,Steven Loring,Alfred W. McCoy,James McGarrah,Dan McNeill,Geoffrey D. Miller,Alberto J. Mora,Dan Mori,Richard Myers,Jack Reed,Donald Rumsfeld,Selena Salcedo,Randall M. Schmidt,Clive Stafford Smith,Glendale Walls,Lawrence Wilkerson,Carolyn A. Wood,John Yoo,John McCain,Greg DAgostino,George W. Bush,Dick Cheney,Brian Keith Allen,Willie Brand,Jack Cafferty,William Cassara,Damien Corsetti,Thomas Curtis,Lynndie England,John Galligan,Alberto Gonzales,Charles A. Graner,

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