April Showers (2009) April Showers. April showers full movie. Ganre: Drama. Director:Andrew Robinson. Actors: Fernanda Romero,Kelly Blatz,Tom Arnold,Illeana Douglas,Janel Parrish,April Wade,Sean Durrie,Daryl Sabara,Ellen Woglom,America Young,Anna Adams,Dominic Arellano,Mark Arnold,Tyrone Beasley,Brigette Chizek,Ben Chrystak,Paul R. Coate,Suzanne Deyo,Jenna Edwards,Dean Fastnacht,William Grennan,Lisa Hinz,Dean Thomas Hurley,Duncan Joyner,Deborah Juliot,Patricia Kies,Doug Kisgen,Rick James Kneifl,Michael Lawson Jr.,Danielle Leuschen,Rachel Lien,Bryan McClure,Helen Murray,Brenda OBrien,Michael J. Otepka,Bonnie Pfrenger,D.J. Pritchard,Nina Rausch,Alyssa Rivera,Ben Severson,Shaun Vetick,Sam Warden,Jonathan Wilhoft,Karl Yanike,

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