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The following is extracted from the minutes of the UN Subcommittee meeting report from the explosives working party.

12. Amendments to the UN firework classification table Several issues are addressed in the UK document ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2007/31.

A proposal on adding a new entry in the default table for “Comets” was discussed. There was some support for giving guidance on how to deal with these products. However the proposed solution was opposed by a number of experts.

Concerning the Time/pressure test (TPT): the expert from the UK briefed the WG on the activities to improve the TPT and to decrease the standard deviation. The data will be available before the end of the year. Germany, Japan and the Netherlands are also working on the TPT; the results will be shared with the WG, preferably before the end of the year.

The expert from the UK invited all experts to give comments on the above mentioned issues and the proposed changes to the default list, so that a new proposal could be developed for the next July meeting.

In other words, they see no need for having an entry for single shot items >30mm – given the widespread use of such items we await with interest any "guidance" on how these should be dealt with!

The explosive Transport Working Group (ETWG) has agreed that in future it will meet sometime before the WP15 briefing meetings, so that explosives specific issues can be discussed and an opinion formed prior to the WP15 briefing meetings

Please see Forthcoming UN meetings for dates of the forthcoming UN meetings.

IUf there are issues you wish raised please contact Tom Smith, ETWG chairman

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