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Guide on Risk AssessmentA Practical approach to Risk Assessment which is relevant to small companies including wholesale and retail organizations involved in the storage, distribution and supply of explosives including fireworks.

The guide has been prepared in association with the Explosives Industry Forum.

The guide may be downloaded free of charge – Risk Assessment Guide

EIG has been long involved with the explosives port licence at Felixstowe and we are pleased that HSE have now agreed a way forward to incorporate both substances and articles onto this licence.

To download the details of the licence and appendices click here: _0927103301_001.pdf   _1002123111_001.pdf

In all instances of doubt about the application of this new license, reference should be made to John Meyrick, Dangerous Goods Officer at the Port.  Tel: 01395 604504 – email:

Please note: The reference to ‘80 per year’, refers to the maximum number of lifts annually permitted by this revised special licence.

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