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The presentations from the workshop are available below

Martin Guest – Introduction
Neil Morton – Why Classification?
Tom Smith – Industry perspective
Michael Marriott – UN Firework Classification process
Allen Webb – Classification – The What, the When and the How
Martyn Sime – Classification Application Form
Martyn Sime – Know your Fireworks
Neil Morton – Questions

It is hoped that the sample drawings will be made available shortly.

Copied from information sent by the European Commission 

Dear all,

Please note that the European Chemicals Agency has published a guidance on the registration of substances: the first one on

The guidance explains who has an obligation to register substances  (on their own or in preparations or in articles) under which conditions.

Please note that the Reach Regulation contains certain deadlines which can be of great importance for manufacturers and importers.

Many substances already manufactured or placed on the market before 1 June 2007 can be regarded as so-called "phase in substances".  If a pre-registration is submitted for these substances between 1 June 2008 and 1 December 2008, longer deadlines for the registration will apply (up to 2018 depending on tonnage – see page 41 and 43 of the guidance document). If no preregistration is being done, the registration has to be done until 1 December 2008, or the substance will have to be removed from the market.

A guidance on pre-registration is in preparation.  Pre-registration will be relatively straightforward (see Art 28 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 ).

Could you please spread this information widely in your respective industrial sectors and ask companies to be alert in order not to miss any deadlines.  The guidance for downstream users (in preparation) may also be of interest to you.

If you have more questions, please turn to your national REACH helpdesk:

Maik Schmahl
European Commission
Enterprise and Industry DG
Chemicals Unit
B – 1049 Brussels
Tel.: + 32/2/296.93.03
Fax: + 32/2/295.02.81

New e-mail address:

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