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logo (1)Welcome to the UK Explosive Industry Group (EIG) website.  

The Explosives Industry Group of the CBI represents the majority of the UK industry explosive companies including the UK Ministry of Defence.

EIG acts as a lobby group and information source for members and includes members with interests in:-

  • Manufacture, import and export of explosives
  • Transport and Storage of explosives
  • Explosives for Civil Uses
  • Fireworks and Pyrotechnics

The EIG is represented on many Government committees and works with many UK Government Departments including:-

The EIG publishes a number of FREE guides for Industry which are available for members and non-members to download

  • Although the petition addressed consumer items there is concern about the debate extending discussion to all use of fireworks.  We have obvious sympathies with those affected but do not believe restrictions on use are merited, justified or would really be enforceable
  • The key to managing consumer or public firework displays and their effect on people/animals etc is education and information – education in terms of what is appropriate to use where (and when) and then informing those who might be affected so that they can take any necessary measures
  • The industry is happy to work with Govt. and others to promote this and to develop and distribute guidance where appropriate.  We have already done this to an extent and used to have reasonable relations with the RSPCA (but they have jumped on this bandwagon and are using it to further old aims – not genuinely address the issue – see for instance yesterday’s press)
  • Consumer displays are watched by approx. 12 million people, professional displays by a similar amount (but there is obvious overlap).  The pleasure, financial benefit (to organisations, charities and others, as well as those in the trade) etc is obvious.  The number of complaints is very small and the safety record of the UK is probably the best in Europe
  • The noise limits already imposed are quite strict, but are realistic.  The RSPCA’s call for 95dB is unjustified and has little scientific backing – 95dB is roughly the sound level made by dropping a heavy book on a table as witnessed 1m away
  • UK Industry through the BPA has worked tirelessly with HSE and BIS to promote the safe and appropriate use of fireworks.  They have also been at the forefront of developing new European Standards, producing guidance and establishing a qualification which is endorsed by City & Guilds.  We are a responsible industry who take those responsibilities seriously
  • We fully support attempts to crack down on the illegal import or manufacture and use of fireworks

csmg25At the EIG General Management Committee meeting held on 8th March Brig. Charles Smith was presented with an engraved pen set by the current Chairman, Martin Guest, to commemorate his 25 years as General Secretary of the EIG.

Charles said

It has been an enormous privilege and pleasure to have served EIG over these years and seeing the CBI itself  change in so many significant ways, but helping to ensure than EIG remain within the body of the CBI ‘Family’, has been  a major plank in my role for the continuation of the Group – the future of which is currently robust and still influential under the CBI Banner.

Many congratulations to Charles for this outstanding achievement and we all look forward to many years more to come.

The REACH working group, which was mandated by CEN to produce guidance on the application of REACH to pyrotechnic articles in general, and fireworks in particular, has prepared the attached draft guide.

Click hereCEN TC 212 Professionnal REACH Guidance Fireworks V5

The working group will shortly approach both the REACH authorities and the European Commission and present this guide – which concludes that in almost all cases fireworks should be considered as articles under REACH and not as containers for substances (the exception being sublimed dye containing smoke generators).

The onus on determining whether an article falls within scope of REACH rests with the importer of the product (obviously true manufacturers may be importing raw chemicals in quantities subject to the REACH requirements) but may be subject to challenge by the enforcing authorities.  This guide provides a pan-European rationale behind the conclusion that most fireworks are ARTICLES under REACH (despite ECHA’s own guidance) and has been endorsed by many European Associations as well as by BAM (The German authority akin to HSE).

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